7 Short Courses In Canada For International Students

Canada is one of the countries that have an impeccable educational sector and they are amongst the best in the world. However, students around the world have known about this act hence the rush to get into Canada to study. It has proven very expensive and tasking to travel to Canada for studies. Therefore, people would opt for going through the shorter means instead of going through the hassles of traveling all the way to Canada when they can get it in the comfort of their home.

The introduction of online courses has made things a lot easier now and people would rather save more cost and energy and get the degree they desire. Short courses are flexible and are tailored to meet people’s needs.

Canada is the fourth country in the world that offers post-secondary admission for international students after the USA, China, UK. In addition, the affordable tuition fees, duration of the course, lenient immigration policies, job-oriented curriculum are one of the major reasons short courses are becoming a thing in Canada.

Duration Of The Short Courses 

Short courses in Canada are of two types – The Diploma course and The Certification course. The Diploma courses last for 2-3 years while the Certification courses last for a year – there are some colleges in Canada that will offer a 6-month program for the certification courses.

Here is a list of short courses;

1) Software Construction

As earlier stated, it is cost-effective to study online than abroad and this course is a typical example. Applicants can study this at Edx and still be given the certification they need. Edx is one of the renowned online teaching platforms in Canada and they have liaised with the University of British Columbia to bring this to your doorstep. This course provided by the University of British Columbia covers all and sundry such as;

  • Java programming;
  • JUnit;
  • How to build a software logical system;
  • How to test data abstraction.

2) Business Administration

Business administration has a track record of being the most studied short course known to an international student. This course trains you on the technical know-how of business and business-related sectors. This will serve as a platform to navigate and pioneer the business sector with ease. It borders on;

  • Business introduction;
  • Functions of business;
  • Business communication;
  • Accounting and analysis;
  • Marketing;
  • Basics of project management.

This is an 8-month course that is offered at the York University School of Continuing Studies, Toronto Canada. The cost of studying this is €9,540 per year.

3) Human Resource Management

This is another very good short-term course to look out for in Canada. The duration is usually 7 months and it is still offered by the York University School of Continuing Studies in Toronto, Canada. This course is aimed at grooming you to know more about human resources and what it entails. The advantage of the course is you can be hired by any organization, company. In fact, you could be hired anywhere in the world.

The course focuses on;

  • Recruitment Labor relations;
  • Health and safety;
  • Finance;
  • Organizational behavior;
  • Human resource management.

The cost of studying human resource management is €11,925 per year.

4) French Language

The French language is one of the cheapest courses to study in Canada. If you need to learn french for whatever reason, be it for teaching purposes, or mere love for the language then this is your best bet. The Athabasca university will give you the opportunity to relate with native speakers making you learn the language in no distant time.

The duration of this course is for a maximum of one year, and it is provided in the MacEwan School of Continuing Studies, Edmonton, Canada. The course covers;

  • French language composition;
  • French language – first university year;
  • French language – second university year;
  • French pronunciation.

5) Communication

This is a course offered in the MacEwan School of Continuing Studies, Edmonton, Canada. The course covers;

  • Strategy analysis;
  • Evaluation of solutions;
  • Life cycle management;
  • Business analysis;
  • Business planning;
  • Basics of project management.

It is one of the professional short courses that will teach you how to relate and communicate with people, helping you in your interpersonal relationship skill. The cost of studying this course is €11,263 per year.

6) Software Engineer

This is another great professional short course to study. The University of British Columbia in conjunction with Edx has provided this 42-day course for free to international students. This course will teach you the basics of software engineering. The program offers;

  • Building a non-trivial software system;
  • Functions and technical specifications of the software system;
  • Designing and testing of the software system;
  • Refactoring and building a quality system.

This course is free of charge.

7) Global Logistics Management

Logistics has to do with transportation. This course will give you the technicality on how to go about it. It will teach you the logistics procedures and it is a very good course. The courses it covers are as follows;

  • Supply chain management;
  • The infrastructure of logistics;
  • International trade;
  • International logistics;
  • Product control;
  • Inventory control;
  • Risk management.

The cost of studying this will cost €11,263 per year.