Best Provinces To Study In Canada

Canada is a very beautiful place with multicultural diversity. Canada combines big cities and vast, beautiful countryside. Canada is home to all and sundry, it is no wonder people desire to troop in. Aside from their hospitable nature, they are also renowned in the academic sector. Every year innumerable students come into the country from different parts of the world to pursue a higher degree.

The university system in Canada offers a lot of opportunities and flexibility as international students can find time to work amidst learning.

One other alluring advantage is the fact that they are reasonably cheaper than their neighboring country USA and are more hospitable as well.

Before we take the step into knowing more about the different provinces in Canada, let us briefly understand why Canada is always a top priority for international students.

Cheaper Fees 

Canada generally is considerably cheaper than other countries and they also offer quality education. Quality education is a non-negotiable in Canada. Irrespective of the reasonably cheaper fees, they do not compromise on it. In fact, 30 different universities in Canada are amongst the best-ranked universities in the world.

Fewer Application Hassles 

Canada unlike other countries focuses on the recent grades of international students and can give admission based on that alone. Also, they are not so keen on SAT and ACT as a prerequisite to gain admission into their universities.

Multicultural Diversity

This in itself is a very important reason international students come over to Canada. The fact that they can leave their home country and come to a stranger’s land and still feel like they are home is top-notch. This is because Canada is known to be a very accommodating country for international students.

Beautiful Scenery

This goes without saying that Canada is a very beautiful place with so many places to go sightseeing. Places like the Northern Lights, Lake Superior, and of course Niagara Falls are places worthy of visiting once you enter Canada.


Although, as an international student you should be able to relate to where you intend to settle in and know how much you are expected to have before beginning your journey. Making your researches on the provinces in Canada will go a long way in helping you in this task.

 If as a student you are thinking about Canada as a potential university destination, it is worth noting that some Canadian universities are in hard-to-reach locations, and can be expensive to travel to.



Ontario is the most populous province in Canada. The famous Niagara Falls is located in Ontario, hence it is a very beautiful province but is also home to Ottawa and Toronto, arguably Canada’s most well-known cities. However, the northern part of Ontario is known to be very cold and chilly while the southern part is tempered by its proximity to the Great Lakes.

Ontario is home to the following universities;

  • University of Toronto;
  • The University of Waterloo;
  • Western University.


Alberta is on the border of rocks, if you ever want to go skiing and hiking then Alberta is your best bet. Alberta is considered one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. The weather conditions in Alberta are reasonably okay. It has four different seasons, having a mixture of the cold and warm seasons hence making it favorable for skiing.

Alberta is home to the following universities;

  • The University of Alberta;
  • The University of Calgary.


Manitoba is also considered one of the three prairie provinces (including Saskatchewan and Alberta). The weather condition is reasonably okay but can be quite cold too.

Manitoba is home to the following universities;

  • University of Manitoba;
  • The University of Winnipeg.

Nova Scotia

Nova scotia is considered one of the smallest provinces in Canada. It is one of the maritime provinces in Canada. Its weather climate is moderately controlled by the Atlantic ocean. This moderates the weather, be it winter or summer. The province is known for its history, kinds of seafood, and wildlife.

Nova Scotia is home to the following universities;

  • Dalhousie University;
  • Mount Saint Vincent University.


As earlier stated Saskatchewan is one of the three ‘prairie provinces in Canada, mainly covered by rivers and lakes. Saskatchewan is known for its agricultural prowess. They are known for hunting, hiking, and fishing. The weather conditions are reasonably warm during the summer. Although, the arctic winds coming from the north mean that winters can also be cold.

Saskatchewan is home to the University of Saskatchewan.


Quebec is majorly a french speaking province and its history is mostly french influenced. It boasts to be the largest province and the second largest province in terms of population. Quebec has a range of weather conditions. The south has four seasons that comprise both summer and winter. As you move north, the temperatures in both summer and winter get colder. In the far north, you can expect an Arctic climate with a freezing and long winter.

Quebec is home to the following universities;

  • McGill University;
  • Universite Laval.