Canada VS Australia For Students | Best Country To Study

Canada VS Australia – This comparison has been in existence for a while now, this is because Canada is becoming the more popular study destination for international students and they are also on the world map when it comes to their educational prowess. Canada offers a quality experience for international students that keeps them coming into Canada

Australia on the other hand is also known for its ability to give quality education. They are the third highest country to accept international students in the English-speaking part of the world just behind the USA and the UK. Australia is relatively less expensive than the USA and the UK.

Canada and Australia are considered as the top countries to study in at the moment, not just because of their quality in education but also the price at which you can et the best education.

Canada is in the northern part of North America, with ten provinces and three territories that extends to the Atlantic to the pacific and northward into the arctic ocean. Australia on the other hand is the largest country in the oceanic region of the world.

Due to the prowess, they both have they are making waves in the educational sector, hence, the arrival of international students into their countries. According to the Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC), 7,000,000 were studying in Canada in the year 2019 and the growth rate has increased to 15% for international students as against the 2% for domestic students.

As per reports from the Department of Education under the Australian government, in 2019 the number of international students intake was 948,658. The population was broken down thus; 15% of the population were Indians while 28% were Chinese.

Consequently, having to present a comparison may prove difficult as it is imperative to note that one country might be better at one thing than the other. Hence it is better for the international student to do his/her research as it depends on whatever factors they decide.

Factors To Consider

Cost Of Living

Canada is relatively cheaper than Australia. When planning to study abroad, the cost of living is the major factor to look out for. The average international student in Australia spends about 1,050USD on accommodation, food, and other living expenses. Although the Australian government stipulates that you have about 12,180USD to cover your yearly living costs, your rent alone might be as high as 9,600USD per year. In Canada, students will need an average of US$11,370 per year for living expenses. The living costs here in Canada is much lower than what it is in Australia.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees depend largely on the course you intend to study, however, the duration of the course is a major factor. A bachelor’s degree in Canada can be three years but in Australia, it could stretch beyond four years hence the need to pay more fees.


They both offer scholarships to study in their respective countries, however, international students are more likely to get partial scholarships in Australia.

Lists of scholarships in Canada;

  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan;
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program;
  • National Research Council of Canada (NRCC);
  • Shastri Indo Canadain Institute;
  • Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship.

Lists of Australian Scholarships;

  • Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Awards;
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships;
  • Australia Award Scholarship;
  • Macquarie University International Scholarship;
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarships.
Work Opportunities

The major reason international students apply to come to these countries is mainly to work and increase their experience in their field of study. Most international students will prefer to work in the host country and even try to get permanent residency after schooling. Canada and Australia both have flexible policies to allow skilled professionals to work within the country unlike countries like the USA and the UK that have strict laws. Canada allows students up to 3 years post-education work permit and Australia offers it for 18 months.

Also, the ability to work part-time is another advantage to study in Canada and the UK. The moment you have your student visa you are automatically eligible to work part-time in Canada and Australia.

Advantages of Studying In Australia

Australia is one of the favorite and most popular destinations for higher education in the world. It is home to excellent top-ranked universities and accredited programs. They offer a post-graduate visa to enable international students to work and gain vast experience in a more developed country.

Australia is an English-speaking country hence they do not have language barriers, they also boast of having excellent courses and unique specializations.

Advantages of Studying In Canada

Canadian universities are ranked amongst the best in the world making their degrees very highly rated by employers of labor. Canada is known to be a very hospitable country having the most immigrants in the country, therefore, international students can easily settle in upon arrival. There are over 90 universities in the country offering amazing programs and courses like Nursing, Data Science, Business Analytics, Psychology, Engineering.

In conclusion, both countries are great and you have everything to gain if you finally decide on which country to settle for. You are advised to weigh your options and check the factors very well before deciding.