Countries With Visa Lottery For Africans


Just like animals immigrate due to weather or food or some other conditions. Humans now immigrate as well, it might be in search of greener pastures or just for the fun of it but irrespective of individuals’ purpose of wanting to leave their home-country humans are always on the move. This article is based on Counties in other continents that offer Visa lotteries to African citizens.

Countries That Offers Visa Lottery

The United States founded the Visa lottery program according to the 1990 Act. This program gives Visas to immigrants of different nationalities access to all United States via a computer lottery. Besides the United States, other countries also have a visa lottery program, some of which are;

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria amongst others.

Nonetheless, this article will be more focused on the United States visa lottery program.

Ineligible Countries For The Visa Lottery 

Just like many countries are eligible for the visa lottery some countries are considered ineligible. For a country to be eligible for the program they have to have less than 50,000 people immigrating to the United States each year. The program allows countries from all continents to participate. Listed below are countries from each continent that are ineligible for the program:


Almost all African nations are eligible to participate in the program. The only African country exempted is Nigeria. If you are not a Nigerian, you can try your luck with the lottery.


The Asian countries that are ineligible for the program are China, Indian, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, and South Korea. People from other countries in Asia besides the seven listed above are welcome to participate in the Visa lottery program.


The United Kingdom and other British-dependent countries like Faroe Islands, Anguilla, Falkland Islands, Bermuda, and the rest are not eligible for the United States visa lottery as they send more than 50 thousand people to the US each year.

North America

Canadians are ineligible to participate in this program.

South America And The Caribbean

Countries like Colombia, Honduras, Venezuela, Haiti, Brazil, Jamaica, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic are not eligible for participating in the United States visa lottery program.

Requirements For The Visa Lottery Program

The total number of people that can get the visa lottery is shared between 6 continents, so the number of visas given out is dependent on the number of immigrants from the applicant’s country.

Only countries with less than 50 thousand immigrants yearly for 5 consecutive years are eligible for the lottery program. It is done this way that countries with a low number of immigrants can have a chance and there is diversity.

Individual Eligibility for Visa Lottery

Besides the fact that your home country is eligible as an individual, you have to meet certain requirements, such as your education and occupation. 

An applicant must have a high school or its equivalent to be eligible to participate in the visa lottery or you must possess at least two years of work experience within the last of 5 years that demands 2 years of training.

Some certain occupations would make you stand out and increase your chances of winning the visa lottery.

How To Apply For A Visa Lottery Program

Applying for a visa lottery is not a complicated task. In as much as you are eligible and have the necessary education or occupation the rest is easy. 

The following are the guidelines for the visa lottery application:

  • Fill the online applications form, which mostly requires you to input your personal information.
  • Follow the photo ID guidelines and input a valid photo ID. It is very crucial in the application process.
  • Go through your application again to avoid any mistakes.
  • Submit your application to the appropriate place.

The visa application process is free, you are not required to pay anything, besides being eligible.

The winners of the visa lottery will receive notice after the computer has randomly selected a few individuals.

Requirement For A Visa Application

There are documents you have to provide to get your visa approved. Listed below are the guidelines for getting a visa.

  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages.
  • Valid passport photographs not older than 3 months. The required photo should meet the consulate guidelines.
  • A letter of approval from your employer or a business cover letter
  • A letter of invitation
  • Bank statement confirming you have enough money to fund yourself.
  • Most importantly, a completed application form. 
  • For applicants less than 18years old, they must provide a birth certificate and letter of consent from their parents or guardians.

Once you have all the necessary documents available you can proceed with your visa application.

How To Apply For A Visa Lottery

Your visa application might differ based on the type of visa you want to acquire but your visa lottery will not necessarily make the process different. To apply for a visa you must 

  1. You must create a profile on the visa application website. After that, you then fill out the online application form, making sure to enter the correct information.
  2. You book an appointment with the embassy and also pay for your visa application fee online using PayPal or debit/credit cards.
  3. Print the online application form and your payment receipts, as they will ask for them during your interview at the embassy. 
  4. Go for the interview with all the necessary documents and receipts. You will be asked questions about your purpose and other things about your travel.

After all of these are done your visa application will be processed and if your application was successful all your documents will be given back to you including your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers 

What is the number of visa lottery offers per year?

The United States visa lottery provides visas for half a million applicants around the world each year. The program usually commences towards the end of the year around October and November. Half a million people are randomly picked by a computer program and shared by 6 continents. Countries with fewer immigrants in the US get a higher number of their citizens winning more spots in the program.

Will applying for a visa lottery affect my tourist visa?

No, this will have no impact on your tourist visa.

What disqualifies you from getting a green card?

According to United States law, any person convicted of aggravated felony charges is not eligible for a green card.

Can a married couple apply for the diversity visa lottery pick?

Yes, a married couple can apply for the visa lottery, if either of them wins they can both get a visa, however, they must provide a marriage certificate as proof of their marriage.

How much is the visa fee for a diversity visa lottery?

The visa fee for eligible applicants through the visa lottery program is $330. This few is non-refundable whether or not the visa gets approved.

By the beginning of this article if you have been a novice about the visa lottery I believe this article has given you enough information about how the visa lottery works and so much more.