MasterCard Foundation Graduate Internship Program – Canada

MasterCard Foundation

In a better world may be, just being a graduate with good grades and talents should be enough to land you your dream job and the perfect career opportunities but that isn’t the case, the world is what it is, Not Perfect! The MasterCard Foundation, however, is looking for many ways to aid its graduate scholars land that dream job by providing career opportunities through learning. MasterCard Foundation believes in making the world a better place for emerging graduates, they also believe equal opportunity should be provided for all to be successful. And the best only way to achieve success in a career is by providing easy access to financial services, education, and skills training, people can have that chance.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars and Alumni who do not have a job are being provided opportunities to jump-start their career through skill acquisitions and training. Scholars and Alumni of the prestigious MasterCard foundation who are ambitious, career-driven, and hardworking can access an array of training opportunities to improve their skills while preparing to join the worlds’ labor force. More focus is placed on helping candidates who are from economically disadvantaged or developing countries in Africa, to find opportunities to scale up their careers, improve their skills, and move their families and community out of poverty to a far better life.

Through the MasterCard Foundation scholarship, many lives around the world have been touched, communities’ standard of living has also improved and this is all down to the core value of the foundation “To make the world a better place, through skill acquisition, education, and professional development training.” The program has since conception has trained thousands of students and produced Alumni that are scattered throughout the world and also working to improve the world. The work is still not done yet as MasterCard through this program wants to incorporate those graduates who have not yet secured a job to gain meaningful work experience.

Brief Description of the MasterCard Foundation Graduate Internship Program – Canada

Host Institution(s):

MasterCard Foundation

Level/Field(s) of study:

MasterCard Foundation Graduate Internship Program

Number of Scholarships:

Not Specified

Target group:

MasterCard Foundation Scholar or alumni looking for an opportunity to jump-start your career

Scholarship value/inclusions:

The Benefits and Aims of MasterCard Foundation Graduate Internship Programme:

  • Will be able to gain 6 to 12 months of work experience
  • Professional development training
  • You will be able to participate in mentoring and professional networking opportunities
  • Monthly stipend
  • You will be opportune to take up projects/work with teams from various functions within the Foundation namely:


People and Culture

Public Affairs and Communications



Finance, IT, Assurance and Compliance, Legal

Impact and Measurement



To be considered for this award, the applying students must ensure they meet the following criteria:

The applicant must be an excellent problem-solver, observant, and also possess the ability to work both independently and with a team;

The candidates who will be shortlisted for this award will also undertake a competency-based assessment as part of the recruitment criteria;

The applicant must also have an excellent communication skill as well as basic appreciation of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint;

Applicants applying for this opportunity will only be contacted if they are shortlisted. If you are not contacted within two weeks after the closing date of the program, your application should be considered unsuccessful;

The Applicant is also expected to demonstrate the core value of MasterCard Foundation which is the values of humility, listening, kindness & respect, co-creation, and impact;


Application instructions:

The scholarship is open each year for MasterCard Scholars and Alumni from different parts of the world. Applicants are advised to apply earlier than the 21st of February for them to remain competitive. All the requirements must be met as stated above if you are going to stand any opportunity at all; they can also visit the school’s official page to get more information on how to apply using the link below.

To apply for this program, applicants are urged to visit MasterCard Foundation on boards.greenhouse.io to apply; candidates who are ready to improve themselves and gain more experience as well as take up new challenges should apply today.


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