Permanent Residency for International Students in Canada

Permanent Residency for International Students

it is every student’s dream to study in Canada, but who wouldn’t want to? studying in Canada brings a lot of opportunities and thousands of students move to Canada to get the best of education. The best part is that students can proceed to become permanent residents here in Canada after their studies. The Canadian government plans are to retain students who have been schooled in Canada so as to help improve the country’s economy when they start working and to also fill up vacant job positions to solve the problem of labor shortage in the country.

This is usually about when students move in their numbers to Canada and there are thousands of schools in Canada looking to offer admission to eligible students. You could begin your application process so that you are not left out.

Eligibility to Study in Canada

If you are to begin your studies in Canada, you should first ensure that you meet the necessary requirements that would allow obtaining a study permit, and to move to Canada legally. Here is what you should know

You should have all your documents ready such as your passport, English language test result as proof of language proficiency

Applying students must ensure they are in good health, admissible to enter Canada, and have no criminal or other immigration-related convictions

You should also be able to convince the immigration officer of your plans to return to your home country after your studies; as such you should have ties such as a job, home, family, financial assets, or investment.

You should also have proof that shows you are financially capable to sponsor or fund your studies in Canada. The funds should cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational expenses. The required minimum funds that you should have at the bank should at least be $15,000

Ways to Turn Your Canadian Study Permit to Canadian Permanent Resident Status

There are several ways for international students to change their status as students to permanent resident status. However, it all comes down to how well you meet the requirements for Canadian immigration. A student looking to base in Canada can apply for permanent residency in two scenarios. The first is to apply for a student visa and for Canadian permanent resident status at the same time, the process can be referred to as “dual intent” which is also acceptable to the Canadian Immigration authorities and immigration laws.

Below are some of the Ways International Students are Applying for Permanent Residency.

Canada Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class is open to applicants who have some years of Canadian working experience in their bag. To Successful qualify for this program. For a student, you are required to have a minimum of 12 months of Canadian work experience of which you are only eligible to apply 3 years after you have gained the Canadian work experience.

Students coming through this program often need to first complete their studies before applying and because the Canadian government is very flexible, they allow international students to work while studying, to gain the needed Canadian work experience. Students need to have actual work experience because internship and co-ops study programs are not considered as Canadian work experience.

Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

Unlike the other provinces in Canada, Quebec usually has its own programs with its own rules, Just like the Quebec Experience Class Program. International students are required to first complete a recognized course program at any of the schools in Quebec, and also be proficient with speaking the French language. You do not need to have any Canadian work experience to qualify for this program.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

This is one of the popular immigration programs in Canada accounting for thousands of immigrants currently residing in the country. There are many opportunities provided for Canadians through the PNP. You are mostly required to have Canadian work experience and a job offer to qualify under this category.

After you study in Canada, you have the opportunity to remain in the country to work, gain Canadian work experience, and apply for a permanent resident permit. What you should do is sign up for the Canadian express entry program, and fill out your profile properly if you want to have a better chance to move to Canada.

The express entry program is a pool of aspiring candidates who wish to immigrate permanently to Canada. Applicants are constantly nominated to move to Canada by different provinces and if your points are top above others in the pool you will receive an invitation from any of the provinces.