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Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP)

Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

If you ever thought about living and working in Canada, the easiest way to ensure that achieve this dream is by schooling and graduating in Canada. Canadian authorities allow students to remain and work in Canada after graduation.

This is a strategic way the Canadian governments are retaining top students who have graduated from a university in Canada. Graduates are eligible to apply for the post Graduate work permit which allows them to work for any employer and to gain Canadian working experience.

With a post-graduate work permit, applicants can work for up to 3 years remain in Canada while working. Below are the things you need to know about staying back in Canada.

Who is Eligible for the Post-Graduate Work Permit?

In order to remain in Canada after your studies, there is basically one important criterion you should meet. You must be a graduate from a college or university that is recognized by the Canadian authorities as a Designated Learning Institute (DLI); other requirements include:

You are eligible if:

You completed at least 50% of your course studies in person; you will be able to apply for a PGWP equal to the duration of your program of study.

You did accelerate your studies or studied part-time, the length of your studies will still be of the same duration as that of the PGWP. To be eligible for a PGWP in Canada, applicants must have studied the full-time program, or part-time; the length of time should usually be between 8months to 3 years.

You are applied and completed a course program at Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada

You are applying within 180 days from the day you graduated.

You have a valid study permit at the time of application.  If your application is due to expire, you should apply for a visitor visa before you apply for the PGWP. Applicants who submit their applications for a post-graduation work permit can begin working full-time while their application is still being processed. You can also apply from outside Canada from your home country.

Eligible Levels of Study

The list below contains different levels of study and programs that are considered eligible for PGWPs:

Public Post-Secondary schools and institutes like Trade/technical school or university, or CEGEP in Quebec;

Private Post-Secondary School or an institute that operates as a Public school.

the private secondary or post-secondary school (in Quebec) that provides up to 900 hours of qualifying programs that leads to diplôme d’études professionnelles (DEP) or an attestation de spécialisation professionnelle (ASP);

How a PGWP can Help You Immigrate to Canada

The Post-graduate work permit program is designed to create a strategic pathway for foreign students to become permanent residents in Canada. Candidates are able to bridge their years of studying into working in Canada.

As a fresh graduate, you will be able to gain meaningful work experience which will be vital when you apply for the Canadian Express Entry Immigration System. Graduating from a Canadian university and obtaining some work experience through the PGWP, you will definitely have the upper hand when you join the express entry pool.

The Canadian express entry program ranks candidates against one another through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Candidates are awarded points on the basis of their educational qualification, Canadian work experience, language proficiency, and so on; the candidates with the most points receive invitations to apply for a Canadian permanent resident status.

Also, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), as well as the Quebec Experience Class Program and Canadian Experience Class (CEC), are another immigration option that places emphasis on candidates that has both a Canadian educational credential and work experience.

The Canadian government is constantly looking to improve the nation’s economy and the workforce, one of the ways they are achieving that is by retaining graduates who have passed through Canadian education and incorporating them into the Canadian workforce. There are lots of jobs available and vacant positions in Canada, so finding a job after graduating is pretty easy for you. However, you have to ensure you apply for a PGWP before your status expires.

Studying Canada definitely brings a lot of opportunities and becoming a permanent resident after graduation is one of the many things students gain